All-Tackle records program expanded

In 1984, E.K Harry and the 新澳门六合彩开奖直播 Board of Trustees expanded the All-Tackle program to include all species of game fish worldwide.

All-Tackle world records are the heaviest fish of a species caught by an angler in any line class up to 130 lb (60 kg) and caught according to 新澳门六合彩开奖直播 angling rules.  In order to qualify for an All-Tackle record, a catch must be a minimum of 1 pound (.453 kg) in weight, and must outweigh the existing record by the required amount or meet the minimum weight requirements, if any, for vacant records.

The game fish must represent a valid species with a recognized scientific name and must be a species commonly fished for with rod and reel in the general area where the catch is made. The fish must be identifiable based on photos and other supporting data presented with the application. The fish must be considered 鈥渢rophy-sized鈥 and as a rule of thumb is that the weight must fall within the top half of the estimated maximum weight of the species.