Issues Facing Game Fish Habitats

Plastic pollution, aquatic invasive species, poor water quality, nutrient overload, and habitat loss are just a few issues facing game fish habitats in both fresh and saltwater. These are not just problems facing the oceans as the land and sea are connected. These are; however, growing global issues. With every problem, there can be a solution. As ethical anglers, and a conservation-driven community, we can be part of the solution and turn the tide on destruction to game fish habitats.  


Avoid spilling and never dump gasoline, oil or other pollutants on land or in the water


Never leave trash behind, including worn line, old hooks and bait, and reduce the amount of waste you produce by choosing reusables over disposables #kickplastic



Learn and abide by all fishing regulations and boating laws.


Educate fellow anglers especially new participants about fishing and boating ethics.


Respect private property and the rights of other anglers and outdoor recreationists.


Save fish for tomorrow by practicing conservation and learning proper catch-and-release techniques.